Friday, May 3, 2013

Pancharevo. Again.

Today's outing was an almost exact replica of our trip to the Pancharevo lake two years ago.
We hired a boat and rowed along the lake for an hour.

I had forgotten that the Friday theme for MMM13 was water, otherwise I would have asked for a better picture of me on the boat. A total of 82 pictures and only three of me :(

Afterwards we went to search for the "mysterious" Urvich fortress. Last time we saw it in the distance, but could not find the path to it.

How could I resit a photo with this half-naked guy :)) 
A memorial in honor of the labour service men.

The warm and humid spring weather has turned the woods along the Iskar river into a rainforest scenery.

We had a delicious picnic in this romantic setting:

The elusive fortress. I can't believe it! - we could not find the path to it again!!! And no one of the few people we met knew how to get to it either. Once again we reached to a crossing over the Iskar, but the path lead to a monastery, not to the fortress according to some camping folks we asked there.

Anyway, there were distant thunders in the sky and we decided to head back. We were VERY LUCKY!!! We had only jumped into the car, when it started to rain and it rained heavily all the way to Sofia. Actually the rain stopped only some 20-30 min. ago.


  1. What a great time you all had!

  2. What a beautiful day it was. Love the off the shoulder life vest. Is that a new look? LOL

  3. Колко много пролетна красота само в няколко снимки! Дори и сухоземната жаба е едно изненадващо приятно за окото жълто-кафяво петно сред зеленината.