Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today Bulgarians celebrate Easter with the traditional painted eggs and Easter bread. I'm not keen on making my own Easter bread, so ours is bought from the local bakery - they make it very delicious!

We spent the holiday in Sofia Central Park - Knyaz Boris' Garden.
Me-Made-May today - Anais by Kim Hargreaves:

The idea was to skate together with Gaby, but I've forgotten the little I knew about skating and so after a trying effort up and down the alley I quit the neck-breaking adventure and left her to skate on her own :)))

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  1. Did you decorate these eggs? They're so fun and pretty. The bread looks yummy. I am a big bread lover. I love the pic of you and your daughter in your blades. I miss blading. I used to have the four wheeled roller skates and get whipped around by my dad in the driveway. It was so fun.