Tuesday, November 13, 2018

White Burda 6849 Shirt

My second Burda 6849 shirt. Only a dozen or so shirts to sew and I can call myself a pro :)
This time I chose a nice white cotton fabric with subtle white on white stripes, kind of a versatile office shirt. As it is already cold here, Gaby wore it to uni with a cardigan on top.

For this shirt I used some tricks I learned from Sewing my shirt video series by Diane Deziel, the most helpful of which were about the yoke and the collar.

Again, I made all seams, where possible, flat felled seams and added arrow patches for rolling the sleeves.

I've bought two more fabrics for shirts for myself and I also bought a men's version of this shirt, so there will be more Burda shirts on this blog in the near future :)

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