събота, 3 ноември 2018 г.

London Bucket Bag

Soon after I finished Gaby's backpack with roses I came upon a London themed canvas fabric and I grabbed 0.5 m to make another bag. After her two months' stay at Cambridge, with a two days' visit to London, Gaby came home in love with the UK and I knew she would appreciate the colorful fabric.

My initial idea was to use the same pattern I had used for the roses backpack, but I waited for the inspiration to sew and for some feedback from the first backpack. And then I came upon this convertible backpack - crossbody - shoulder bag pattern and I was on fire. I ran downtown, found the necessary hardware  (d-rings, tri-glide and swivel hooks) and some webbing for the strap and I got sewing.

My bag is a bit smaller than the one in the video, as I had only 0.5 m fabric and I designed it so that I used every millimeter of it. I made the outer pockets lined and the inner bucket is more sturdier as  for the bottom and the inner pockets I used wadding, sandwiched between two layers of lining.

The bag has three d-rings - two at the top and one at the bottom of the back side, which allow it to be converted from a backpack to a shoulder bag

or a crossover bag.

Very easy and roomy bucket bag pattern, I highly recommend it!

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