вторник, 22 май 2018 г.

Kladnitza - Borova Polyana 2018

And we are back on track :)
This Sunday, in between rainy Saturday and cold and gloomy Monday, we had a sunny and warm holiday and we made the most of it. We explored a new for us track from the village of Kladnitza at the southern skirts of Vitosha to Borova Polyana, a place we've been many times before, but always starting from the village of Bosnek. The track was beautiful and very easy and pleasant, though I don't think we'd have managed it if we didn't have maps and navigation, as this part of the mountain is a labyrinth of smaller and bigger paths and scarce information boards. We had a delicious picnic near the hunter's tower and headed back to the village, meticulously studying the various flowers on our way (that's what happens when you hike with a biologist :)

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  1. You got some great shots in this post, especially the flowers. Your daughter is beautiful and I'm envious of her long legs. I measured myself once b/c the girls were and I found out I'm only about 5', 3/4"! I used to think I was 5', 2"; maybe I shrank.