четвъртък, 17 май 2018 г.

Florence - Boboli Gardens, Palazzo Pitti, The Duomo Complex, Palazzo Vecchio

The next day in Florence we spent in the magnificent Boboli gardens and Palazzo Pitti and for our last day we visited the Duomo complex - the Santa Mario del Fiore Cathedral, the Baptisteria, the Museum, we climbed the tower and went down to the ruins of Santa Reparata. And of course we walked the narrow medieval streets, filled with the crazy Italian traffic and thousands of tourists, we admired the statues in front of the Palazzo Vecchhio, walked through the street markets in search of presents and souvenirs and ate a lot of gelato. And took thousands of pictures. Just a few dozen here:)

:The Boboli Gardens

: Grotta del Buontalenti

: In Palazzo Pitti

: Leather street market

: Palazzo Vecchio

: The Duomo

: On Giotto's Bell Tower

: View from the tower

: Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

: In the Baptisteria

: Donatello's Maddalena Penitente at the museum

: Michelangelo's Pieta
: In the Duomo

: In Santa Reparata
: Santa Croce

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  1. What wonderful places to see. I like that maze of garden hedges; I had a brain fart and can't remember what they're called. I like that room full of framed paintings.