понеделник, 14 май 2018 г.

Florence - Uffizi and Oltrarno

From Bologna we took the fast train (280 km/h) to Florence. For the stay we had booked a flat near the river Arno and our days started and finished with walks along the banks of the river to and from Ponte Vecchio. For our first day we had bought tickets with priority entrance to the Uffizi gallery - I highly recommend priority entrance wherever it is possible, as the queues are enormous and wasting precious hours in waiting is pointless.

: In Uffizi - we spent about five hours there with a break for lunch at the balcony coffee house. I believe I've seen as much paintings and sculptures as is humanly possible to absorb :)

: Crossing Ponte Vecchio to Oltrarno

: In the park of San Miniato al Monte Church

: At Piazzale Michelangelo

: In the rose gardens of Oltrarno

: With the bronze pig, supposed to bring luck

: Sunset over the Arno

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  1. Thank you for your compliment. We are very close on my side and it's always great to show the generations.

  2. I love Italy! I'm envious of how (relatively) close you are to such wonderful places - we're so far away from everything!

    Staying in apartments is great isn't it? Gives such a different perspective to a hotel. One of my very favourite things is visiting foreign supermarkets, I love seeing how ordinary daily life is in other countries.

    Looks like a wonderful trip, look forward to seeing where to next for you!

    1. Thank you, it was really great and now I'm convinced this is the way to travel - renting flats, shopping from local shops and markets and planning your own itinerary.