вторник, 19 септември 2017 г.

WIP: Pink Cardigan

A few sneak-peek photos of the cardigan I've been knitting for almost two months now. It's a very light, lacy cardigan, using three yarns of gradient colors held together to get an interesting mixed color effect. I'm using two threads of bright red Italian bobbin 10% cashmere, 20% silk, 70% merino, one thread of fuchsia color 100% merino and one thread of raspberry color 100% merino. So far I'm loving it, I've only one more sleeve to knit, I wish I had the free time ...

:: This is the state the cardigan was about a month ago

::Today I attached the first sleeve and if I can spare the time tonight I'll try to cast on the second sleeve

:: The border of the cardigan is lace and the body is stockinette stitch

: Just a touch of lace for the border of the sleeve. I should have knitted the sleeve in the round but it occurred to me only when I was half-way through knitting it. I was really surprised of myself that I hadn't thought of this earlier, am I getting more forgetful or what ?!

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