вторник, 26 септември 2017 г.

Long Greek Weekend

Husband and I had a few wonderful days in Greece, enjoying the last beach days for this year. We stayed again in Asprovalta and traveled to the nearby Nea Vrasna, Stavros, Olimpiada and Ancient Stagira.

Asprovalta, Sept 23rd

Ancient Stagira and Olimpiada, Sept 24th

Sunrise in Asprovalta, Sept 25th

 desert flower

Cold rainy day, time to head home, Sept 26th
Olives with rain
 The Lion of Amphipoly
 Cotton field
 Ripe cotton
 Cloudy mountains

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  1. I'd love to go to Greece. What a beautiful sky you were under and what a lovely blue water.
    I only enjoy warm weather if I'm on the island of Oahu. Here in the east bay I can take it up to at least 80 after living here for two years.
    For the amigurumi, I embroidered the face using All about Ami's tutorial. It was helpful.