Monday, October 31, 2016

WIP: Long Tweed Cardigan

I haven't posted about knitting for a long time, but it's not because I haven't knit, just I've been working on a fairly big project with a fairly small amount of leisure time. (The picture above - me knitting during our stay in Asprovalta, Greece.) According to my Rav notes I started knitting my latest project - a long tweed cardigan on August 28th - more than two months ago.

I saw this cardi on Pinterest and it was love from first sight, something just clicked. I've had the yarn, 800 g of Turkish Ice yarns, called Woolsilk Tweed, 30% wool, 30% silk, 40% viscose in a rich brick color and as I love the yarn to pieces I've been looking for a pattern for it for more than four years. And then I saw the cardi from an unknown source and I knew that this was it, my spring-summer-autumn long tweed cardigan. I should mention again that I am petite, only 156 cm, and I never wear long cardigans, nor long dresses or long jackets, they just don't suit me. But once in a while one has to come out of one's comfort zone and for me that was the time. The cardigan is almost finished now and I love it!

The texture is rich, though simple, with enough lace for warmer weather and enough volume (more than 700 g) to keep me warm even on colder spring days. I made the sleeves full length and the cardi is as long as in the model picture - slightly above the knee. I'm still short and it is still rather long for my stature, but nevertheless I like myself in it.

This is the first time I tried this shape of squared armholes, I think it actually sits quite nicely.
A modeled photo session should be coming up soon :)


  1. It's a pretty color and you are fearless in knitting.

  2. This is just gorgeous! The texture, the color, your neat stitches... So looking forward to seeing it worn - I am sure it will be spectacular!