Thursday, October 27, 2016

Greece After the Season

One of my dream travels has always been a sea resort after the season is over, but winter has not just yet stepped in. Before we started for Prague husband and I talked how nice it would be to go on a holiday just the two of us, where we could just relax, go for walks, eat simple food, read books and knit (that's just me). And thus a plan was born for a late October holiday in Greece.
We stayed in Asprovalta, had daily long walks on the lonely beaches, frequented only by fishermen and sea birds, and traveled to other nearby small resort villages - Nea Vrasna, Stavros and Olympiada and visited Ancient Stagira.
The weather was mild, cloudy some of the days and quite sunny others, luckily without rain and no wind, so it felt very warm. This was probably one of the best holidays we've ever had - so heavenly relaxing and satisfying. I think I've mentioned it before that although I don't speak or understand Greek and I have no Greek ancestry, apart from my home country, Greece is the place I feel very close to my heart, I am oddly at home among the ancient ruins, green-blue sea, low dusty shrubs and olive groves. I only wish the Greek language wasn't so difficult to learn ...

Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna::



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  1. How lovely to have some adult/couple time with your man. Greece looks wonderful to visit.