вторник, 4 октомври 2016 г.

Malyovitza, Rila Mountain

A few snapshots from our latest hike in the Rila Mountains - on Saturday we climbed peak Malyovitza, one of the highest and currently one of my most favourite peaks.

The picturesque valley of the Malyovitza river with the peak in the center

Near Malyovitza Hut, where we had our lunch

The valley of Malyovitza river

The path runs over the stones which makes this hike fairly difficult for most people

The biggest of the three Elenini lakes

There was some fresh snow along the slopes of the mountain

Rila Monastery in the distance

The views from the ridge

Husband and I on top

The sea of Rila peaks

Down the "path"

Malyovitza river

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  1. As always, breathtaking photos of an amazing place!!! I should really start exploring the world around me more! Such an inspiration!