Sunday, April 24, 2016

In the Balkan Mountains

Yesterday we hiked in the Balkan mountains (the same that give their name to the Balkan peninsula), from the Petrohan pass to Todorini kukli peak, along the Kom-Emine trail. Walking on the ridge of the mountain is a gorgeous experience, with breath-taking views all the way. The hike was long but not too difficult, a true pleasure.

The plants along the ridge of the mountain are low - mainly grass and shrubs.

A view to the south

and to the north - peak Kom is the farthest in the distance peak on the picture

The weather was fine, with some sun in the morning, a few drops of rain in the early afternoon, ideal for hiking in the open.

We were together with the Sofia facebook climbing group, but as it is a free group, everybody hiked at his/her own pace.

Peak Todorini kukli - it is a group of four rocky peaks, the highest of which is 1785 m

Peak Kom in the distance

On top of the first of Todoriki kukli peak with some of the fellow hikers from the FB group, husband is taking the picture

On Todorini kukli

The other three peaks of the ridge. We climbed them all twice - forth and back

The views from the peaks were incredible, as far as dam Ogosta and the town of Montana (at least 35 km to the north)

The town of Berkovitza down the valley

Me on the third of the peaks

Part of the view from the forth peak - dam Srechenska bara and clusters of villages down the valey

On the forth of Todorini kukli peaks

For our picnic area we chose this young birch tree under the fourth peak with a wonderful view to the mountain and the valleys below

On a patch of snow on the way back

Meadows with purple crocuses between the peaks


  1. I miss walking somewhere to explore. We're still waiting for the Big Kahuna to heal. Just gotta be patient. Hopefully by summer.

  2. I wish there were groups like this one in my corner of the world! I would love to hike every week! Your family is amazing! It is so hard to drag my husband from his computer :( Lovely photos, thank you for "taking" me with you!