Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lulin, Peak Dupevitza

Yesterday's hike was kind of a repeat of a circular hike we did on Lulin two years ago in December. But in mid April this same mountain looked so different - green, green , green, fresh green everywhere. Quiet and bird songs, it was extraordinary, I loved it immensely.

The snow peaks of Vitosha (closer) and Rila (in the distance) and the villages at the foot of Vitosha:

Rila - the snow there will keep up until June, I suppose

On peak Dupevitza - the highest on Lulin mountain

A view to Sofia from peak Dobrinova skala

Under Dobrinova skala

The paths are so charming, among green bushes, trees in blossom, up and down small hills

The forest part of the path, this part I loved best

A rather peculiar chapel in the forest

We got so engulfed in conversation on our way through the forest that we lost the blue trail and all of a sudden found ourselves back at the beginning of the trail, skipping the Monastery - we must have taken a shortcut of sorts. We should hike Lulin more often, it's a wonderful small mountain.


  1. Много свежа зеленина,красиви полски пролетни цветя,птичи хор-условия за пълен релакс.