Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dale of Norway Inspired Hat

I made a new hat for husband and where best to test it but on Vitosha above the snow line. We are still enjoying a mild autumn-winter transition in town with temperatures above zero even at night and no snow yet, but in the high areas of our near-by mountain we walked on snow yesterday. But more about our wonderful hike - in my next post. Now - about the hat.

I wanted to make a new stranded knitted hat for husband, lined with polar fleece and I liked this item by the Norwegian company Dale of Norway. I made a chart, based on the pictures of the hat and knit the hat with Alize Cashmira 100% wool in black, white and red on 3.5 mm circular needles. For the lining I made a simple polar fleece hat, which is attached to the knitted hat.

Pattern: Dale of Norway Inspired Hat (personal pattern based on ready-to wear commercial item)
Yarn: Alize Cashmira 100% wool, 300 m / 100 g
Needle: 3.5 mm circular needle
Time to knit: 4-5 days

Pattern notes:
Gauge: 20 sts and 26 rounds in stranded knitting make 10x10 cm square. The hat is 24 cm deep and fits an adult male head, providing space for a polar fleece lining.

Cast on 108 sts with provisional cast on and 3 mm circular needles. Close to knit in the round and knit 5 rounds. On the 6th round knit together the stitches on the left needle and the stitches from the provisional cast on to make a double brim. Switch to 3.5 mm circular needle and continue with the chart, starting with the three rows in black. On the 18th row increase two stitches, evenly distributed - total number of stitches now equals 110. Continue knitting the chart in the round. After finishing the chart begin the decreases for the crown. Place 10 markers evenly and decrease 10 stitches every third round until 20 stitches remain. Cut the yarn, thread it through the live stitches and tighten.


  1. Lovely! I like the idea of lining it in polar fleece too - may have to try that one of these days!

  2. Great beanie and what a change in weather for your area!

  3. Oh, wow! I love this colorwork! Your stitches are so perfectly even, it's amazing! Such a smart improvisation! Can't wait for the post about your hike, judging by these pictures we are about to see some breathtaking views!