Friday, November 27, 2015

Pod Kamiko Eco Trail

A bunch of photos from our recent hike in the Balkan mountains, near the village of Bov, in the Iskar gorge. Pod Kamiko eco-trail has it all - water cascades with numerous smaller waterfalls and two high ones, interesting rock formations, beautiful forests, pastoral village scenery, fresh air. Husband and I enjoyed it immensely. Next time the children will have to join us, the trail is too beautiful to be missed.


  1. Удоволствие е да гледаш красиви панорамни снимки, показващи разнообразието от широколистни и иглолистни гори в нашия стар Балкан и една ненатрапваща се асоцияция с Вазовите стихове "Питат ли ме дей зората ме огряла първи път".

  2. I commend you on how you go out and explore the land around you. My husband and I were supposed to hike Friday but ended up huddling like bears and hibernating til past noon.

  3. You always find breathtaking places! What a trip!