Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bosnek Autumn 2015

We've been hiking the southern part of Vitosha near the village of Bosnek every year since we found it in the autumn of 2012. The woods in this part of the mountain then astonished us with the vivacity and intensity of the autumn colors and the abundance of wild autumn berries. This year we decided to visit Bosnek again in the beginning of November to see if it would look the same as three years ago. But every year is different and the coloration of the leaves depends strongly on the sunshine and temperature. The blackthorn bushes, which had astonished us with their blueness due to the thousands of ripe sloes, this year were almost empty, most of the berries were gone. But the place was beautiful and peaceful and we enjoyed a marvelous hike along paths we hadn't hiked before.


  1. Gorgeous places! And it seems like you were lucky with weather - I love how the sunshine plays on autumn leaves!

  2. What a great paragraph you typed, describing the sights during your family hike. There were certainly nice, autumnal color. I love that tree tunnel.