Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tumba Peak

Earlier this year in April we went to Cherna Gora mountain, visited the Giginski Monastery and tried to climb the summit - Tumba peak (1129 m). But not having a GPS device with us and this mountain not being trail marked, we had taken a wrong turn and climbed two other smaller peaks instead. So yesterday we decided to escape from the city fog and finish our job :)) - we went to Gigintzi again and thanks to the GPS we found it!
In April the gravel path from the village to the monastery was under construction, so this time we drove directly to the monastery - the asphalt road was done. I think this part of the trail is now lost for hikers and they should start from the monastery or follow alternative trails from the village.
Though it was the end of December, the day up in the mountain was sunny and warm. We were not sure what to expect at this altitude and it turned out we were a bit overdressed, at least for the sunny part of the day.

 A few pictures of the monastery before we started our hike:

Gaby couldn't get enough of cuddling this fluffy fat monastery cat:

And off we go - the path above the monastery with mount Paramun in the  distance:

The valleys under the mountains in December are under a layer of fog:

The snowy peaks of Vitosha:
and Rila:

Though it was very warm, the shadowy parts of the path were covered in frost:

Finally - on Tumba peak! This is probably the easiest peak we've climbed - 
broad paths with little elevation:

Portraits with Rila (the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsular) on the background:

The days in December are so short, that before we knew it, the sun was setting down, beautifully lighting the tall grass:

We were able to watch the sun set behind a peak, coloring everything in red:

The last sun rays:

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