Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mountain Valley Puzzle

Puzzle: Mountain Valley
Brand: Ravensburger 1000 pcs.
Time to assemble: two days

I finished another puzzle last night - I'm on a roll :)) This is from another exchange with a fellow puzzler. So far this is the most challenging of all 1000 pcs puzzles I've assembled. Usually my puzzles have a central distinctive building, wall, something, that I start assembling around. Here - lots of pieces with a splosh of yellow or red or violet, no central figure. This first configuration below took me probably two hours.

And at least two more hours for the sky:

 The grey and mint green slopes were fairly easy:

But then I got bored with the pine green slope and returned to the flower meadow:

This puzzle comes in a box of two puzzles, so I have another one to assemble tomorrow :)

And now - on something completely different :)
I suppose lots of fellow knitters are the same as me - while watching a movie, I notice every knitted item worn by the actors. Thus last night while watching a romantic comedy, Playing It Cool, I noticed this amazing and original neckpiece. It makes such a statement of the dress or tunic.

I even made a sketch of a tunic I'd knit for Gaby, probably next year - from bottom to top, with entrelac cable above the rib, plain stockinette stitch body, raglan sleeves with the same rib and cable wrist end, I-cord neckline and the chained neckpiece. I might also add a chained loose belt, if it doesn't look redundant.

There were other inspirational clothes - these almost identical sports sweaters make me think of a black cardigan with rainbow stripes on the front and matching slimmer rainbow stripes above the rib on the cuffs.

During this scene half of my brain tried to map the symmetrical pattern on the hat:

This scarf makes me think of a light summer cashmere and silk blend lace scarf with bubbles on the ridges.
I could probably crochet a zigzag cotton bag. So many ideas, so little time ...


  1. That puzzle would have driven me nuts. You have great skills. I notice cool knitwear too on the shows I watch.

  2. You are so right about us, knitters! I notice knitwear everywhere I go and can stare at a person's sweater for a long a time to figure out the stitch pattern!