Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yesterday we hiked the path between the villages of Bistritza and Simeonovo on Vitosha. It's part of the low level round of Vitosha - very easy and pleasant walk, with almost imperceptible climbs and descents. The weather was perfect for hiking - 7-8 C, sunny through clouds. The forecasts were right - if we were to hike this weekend, it had to be on Saturday, as today is already colder and rainy, with snow fall expected at the  beginning of next week. Despite the late start (we had to wait for Gaby to come back from her Saturday club in Math Linguistics), we managed to keep very good pace and make the hike to Simeonovo lakes and back (about 10 km by my rough estimate) for four hours with 40 min rest and picnic at the lakes.

The landscape is typical for this part of the mountain and the path in many ways looks like the other paths of the low level round we've already walked - Zeleznitza - Bistritza and Simeonovo - Dragalevtzi - Boyana: alternating patches of coniferous and deciduous trees, clearings here and there, plenty of rivers and smaller brooks, moss covered stones and moraines.

 Crossing a brook

 A natural sofa

Collecting samples of three varieties of moss with sporangia for Gaby's Biology club

Fallen leaves, caught in the branches of a pine tree