Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beli Iskar Nature Trail

Yesterday we hiked Beli Iskar Nature Trail, in the heart of Rila mountain, some 70 km from home. This is definitely one of the best trails we've been on and I couldn't help smiling and laughing all the time - I was so happy to be there. I know, Vitosha and Plana are mountains on their own, but they are so close to the big city, that one can't help but feel too close to civilization. In Rila - you are in the mountains, no doubt about it. It's only you and nature. And it is distinctly felt even when hiking a man-made trail, as is Beli Iskar trail.

The trail starts with a bridge over the Beli Iskar river and runs along the valley of the river, makes a circle and returns to the first bridge. Very easy walk and extremely enjoyable. We were lucky with the weather that late in the year for Rila - it was drizzling here and there along the road on our way to the trail, but the mountain welcomed us with crisp air (12-14C) and even some sun, no rain. Just perfect!

Eight big bridges cross the river, plus several smaller bridges and passes within the forest.

A table for four by the riverbank, please :)

We had our tea and snacks, while the river rippled by

and small fish swam at a hand distance.

The air - if we could bottle it! 
So crisp, fresh, with the smell of pure mountain river and pine forests

Some snowball fight :)

There's even a hut in the woods. Cool.

After the eighth bridge the trail starts climbing the opposite bank of the valley and reaches a panoramic platform, from which, if one is lucky, might see eagles flying above the peaks across.

Here, absorbing the view,we drank our last cup of hot tea, while the wind moved the clouds at eye level. That's a thing to be experienced - deep in the heart of the mountain a connection with nature at a very basic core.

And back down to the river - some stone skipping. Alex is really good at it, but Gaby has her moments too :) So, so happy we went there yesterday, I even dreamed of the mountain last night :)))


  1. Did you grow up hiking? Is that how you are inspired to take your children hiking?

    1. No, I actually grew up by the river Danube, in the vast Danube plain with no mountains around. My parents did take us on outings, but rarely. I really don't know where it comes from, my passion for mountains, it's something inside me.