Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sticky Chocolate Cake

Yesterday I saw this cake on Hege Troms' blog, Cloudberry with a link to her cooking blog, where she has provided the recipe for the cake and because our family are all huge chocolate lovers we decided to try it. We only changed the quantity of sugar, three cups seemed too much, so we added two cups. And I also think our quantity of cocoa was probably bigger, because the  three spoons we added were overfilled. To be specific, it was Gaby actually who mixed the ingredients and baked the cake under some supervision from me.

Very easy and delicious cake for the morning coffee (or milk), but be warned - every bite of this is a brick in the waist :)))

Шоколадов сладкиш по рецепта на Hege Troms от Cloudberry:

3 яйца
2 чаши захар
2 пакета ванилия
3 препълнени супени лъжици какао на прах
1.5 чаши брашно
125 г разтопено краве масло

Разбийте яйцата със захарта, добавете ванилията, какаото, брашното и разтопеното масло. Изсипете в намаслена тавичка (аз застилам с намаслена хартия за печене) и печете в предварително загрята фурна на 180 C за около 35-40 мин. Поръсете с пудра захар. Консумирайте умерено :))))


  1. I'm glad you liked it!
    I see that google translates dl into cups...
    So I agree that it seems like a lot of sugar..

  2. It looks good! I find it fun to bake with my girls, well on the weekends when it's not so hectic.