Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Socks

Now I know - shooting your own socks in public is a difficult and embarrassing task, leaving you with standard issue pictures of propped crossed legs in hand knitted socks. Next time I'm using a tripod ... or a husband :)

Pattern: p/hop Socks: Quick and Easy Ribbed DK Socks
Yarn: Ram Rainbow 60 g
DPNs: 3.25 mm

The pattern for these socks is free download from Ravelry, very well written and easy to follow. However, I did knit my socks more than once - because it happened that the size of my legs fell in between the extra small and small sizes - 40 stitches was a bit tight, 45 stitches looser than comfortable. So, having finished the first sock in size small, I rethought the situation and decided to knit the socks with 42 stitches as was the right number for my size and to change the rib to 5 knit and 1 purl. Which meant that I had to knit the first sock once again. But these are short DK socks, so it didn't matter that much. And anyway I knit for fun and quality, not quantity :)

BTW, the color of the socks in the pictures is TOTALLY wrong, I just can't make the camera shoot reds. And that particular combination of dark red, scarlet, purple and orange seams to be far beyond my camera's abilities (or my camerawoman skills :).


  1. Хорошенькие носочки!!Яркие,позитивные!!!
    Я люблю носки вязать.Мама в детстве научила,я их с закрытыми глазами могу связать.Сейчас интереснее вязать не просто лицевой гладью,а с узором.

  2. The things we do for an FO photo shoot!
    Fun socks and great job.

  3. The socks are beautiful! I love the color of the yarn.

  4. i like the colour of the socks but dark red, scarlet, purple and orange also sounds lovely. x

  5. Lovely! The yarn color you describe sounds beautiful. I agree, shooting socks is so hard.

  6. Very brave, not sure I would be able to attempt that, but you never know, the perfect shot is the perfect shot :)

  7. Great socks!! And the tripod will lose interest in helping at a much much slower rate than the husband!!!

  8. They look great! I've never made socks. The color you described sounds super pretty, but the color in the pictures is pretty too. On a side note, Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. :)