Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn Leaves and a Hat

I know, it's cliched, but I couldn't help it - it's autumn and the trees are just so-o beautiful in the nearby park, I had to take a few dozen pictures and post them here.

I've been knitting actually - my linen summer sweater and a cardigan for my dad - both long processes, which may or may not see a happy ending soon; the linen sweater - because it's totally weather inappropriate and I don't feel like knitting it now, and my dad's cardigan - because I hate the yarn - mostly the color, but the texture too, and I'm not entirely convinced the outcome is worth the effort (which is not very encouraging and stimulating :( ).

And I also knitted a hat, a Christopher of sorts. The yarn is the lovely and soft Lanagold, but I'm not quite sure if that's the right hat for my son. He says he likes it, but I'm thinking a double pattern with a rib might have been a better choice ... So I still haven't cut the threads and blocked the hat ... Thinking ...
The traveling joggless stripes came out nice, though :)

And late in the afternoon again, but nothing beats the red or golden leaves against the
bright blue October sky:


  1. So beautiful! No one ever gets tired of looking at the fall colors!

    I think the hat looks great. If he likes it too, I say cut those threads!

  2. Beautiful pics of Autumn in your area. Our trees don't quite look like that here for Fall.
    Great beanie.

  3. Какая красивая осень!!!Яркая!!!И шапочка суперская,будет ушки в холода в тепле держать)