Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stuck Rocks

Pobitite Kamani (Stuck Rocks) - one of the most interesting places we visited during our Black Sea vacation. The natural phenomenon is near Varna and is a protected natural landmark. There are several theories about the formation of the stone forest, from coral activity through prismatic weathering of rocks to bubbling reefs. The entire region was once the bottom of an Eocene sea and one can still notice fossils embedded in the limestone. The stone columns are 5 to 8 m high above the ground and up to 100 m stuck in the ground. They are hollow and the entire region is covered with very fine sand. Many of the stones are even given names - The Face, The Chair, The Throne, The Fertility Stone, etc.
A truly surrealistic place, charged with peculiar energy.

What a joy - we found a baby turtle on a rock. Of course, turtles are a protected species, so we gently moved it away from the tourist path - to hide it from unfriendly hands or careless feet.

The solar circle - believed to be the point of energy concentration. A group of tourists is rotating anticlockwise in the circle to gather the energy, making me feel like a pagan idol :)

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