Friday, August 31, 2012


I can hardly believe I cast this sweater on yesterday morning on 3 mm (US 2 1/2) needles :)
I had a free day, we went to the park, rode water bicycles in the lake and then had a huge Avengers film marathon, during which I knit the greater part of this sweater. Stockinette stitch and film marathons go so well together :)
As it often happens, the night before yesterday I was searching through Ravelry for a lacy sweater pattern, when I accidentally came upon Elfe. I believe I've seen it before and I've always been keen to make similar striped sweater, I just love this gradual transition between the two contrasting colors.
On the other hand, frankly, I'm not quite thrilled with the construction of Elfe, so I decided to take the idea of the stripes and to construct my own sweater.
As I've knitted a lot with YarnArt Jeans, I didn't make a swatch, just measured a 10 x 10 square on one of the older sweaters. The colors are a bit off on the photos, they are actually lime and grey and I just love how they've worked together so far.
The lime yarn is leftovers from this project and the grey - from my mother's Grey Joy.

I've started the sweater from down to top, in the round, trying to keep my stripes joggless. I opted for the stationary method, combining the striping with the waist shaping on the sides. I'm taking notes and I might write them down, if the experiment comes out successfully.

It's a blue moon today, the skies are clear and it's very beautiful, though, of course, it's no less yellow than usual :)

A day later - I finished the body and started on the sleeves. The body took me only three days, but I'm knitting the sleeves also in the round on 5 needles (I tried again the magic loop method, but somehow it doesn't work for me) and it's taking me forever, so the two sleeves (it's always a nuisance that there are two of them :) will probably take more time than the body.


  1. I love the Avengers! I love your new sweater too!!

  2. You are amazingly fast!! Very impressive :) I really love those two colours together

  3. I like your stripes! I have a scarf thats been years in the making and I am determined to have it finished at long last!

  4. Wow, you could fill a closet within a month - Well done, looks great, love the stripes! I am with you with the magic loop, can't get it to work for me either, usually knit my sleeves flat and both together to get them over as quick as I can, but will be working the ones I am busy with on DPNs this time just to see how it works out for me - one at a time...not sure if I will like this method though, probably very time consuming!

  5. Oh my gosh, you are a turbo knitter! It would take me a few months to knit that much! The sweater is going to be beautiful.

  6. Oh my goodness, you are so fast!! I love the top, those stripes are going to look amazing!

  7. Your sweater is awesome! And I've often lamented the challenge to being a two armed/footed knitter. It'd be so much faster to finish if I didn't always need to knit the same thing TWICE!

  8. Gorgeous.
    It IS a nuisance that there are two sleeves, but having two arms is pretty handy :)