Thursday, August 23, 2012

Purple Flower

Pattern: DROPS Basque Hat 123-20
Needle: 3.5 mm rib, 4 mm body
Yarn: Alize Lanagold Solids 100 g (reused from a previous hat)
Time to knit: two days

I've finally got my knitting mojo back. I did miss it all summer ...
I think I lost it somewhere in the middle of my (n-th) summer cardigan - I do have now too many of these, which is probably the reason why I lost momentum and stopped knitting it.
Until, at the end of August a whiff of fall is kind of felt in the air and wooly winter hats do not seem that much ridiculous to knit.

The pattern is fine and makes for a beautiful slouchy beret,
I'd definitely recommend it!


  1. Красивый берет!!!Я тоже себе такой вязала и очень довольна им!!!
    Рада,что твоё (можно на ты?)вдохновение вязать вернулось!!!

  2. This is really beautiful, and I am so envious of the speed at which you knit. !!

    1. Thank you! When I'm inspired, I can really knit quickly, that's why I love small projects - I can finish them before my inspiration expires :)

  3. The beret looks lovely. I like the way the cables are getting narrower to form it's shape!

  4. That is so lovely! I think I'll have to make one for me. :D

  5. This pattern may have just bumped another pair of projects off the Christmas list in exchange. It's gorgeous!

  6. Thats a lovely hat. Great colour too.

  7. Beautiful hat. I love the cables!