Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snowy Summer Mood

It's mid February and it's snowing out here in Sofia, but I'm in a summer mood.

Et voilà, the Bordeaux summer top is finally ready.

This little sleeveless top took more knitting and nerves one could imagine, partly because of the small gauge (all was knit on a US 0 (2.00 mm) needle, but mostly because of the yarn. By all accounts, this is THE WORST yarn I've ever experienced. As I mentioned before, it is splitty, frays a lot and requires slow and careful handling of every stitch (and there were 200 of them in a row, and many, many rows). Then, because of these peculiarities of the yarn (and some whimsicality of mine :) I didn't want to break the yarn for the neck and armscyes shaping, so I used short rows and rib transitions. It may sound a bit complicated, and yes - it was for me:) I applied lots of mathematics, drew charts of short rows, etc.

The additional stitches for the neck band were added as knitted cast on (very neat!). I considered picot crochet for the edges, but it looked a bit old-fashioned, so I did crab single crochet instead (God, did that yarn make me crazy during crocheting!). The final touch - tiny, tiny beads along the neckline:

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  1. Много хубав топ и много хубаво ти стои!

    Суха мащерка :-)