Friday, October 13, 2023

Pchelina in October

We had planned the outing for my birthday as a two day hiking trip, so for the second day we had our choice between peak Viden on Konyavska mountain and Pchelina dam. The latter is a place we visit at least once a year and we love to no end; both of these options conveniently were on our way back from Kuystendil to Sofia. 

Initially, we had chosen peak Viden, as it is something new, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a small peak far from Sofia, that on itself does not seam to justify such long driving. However, the prospect of having our lunch picnic under the warm October sun by the shores of the Pchelina dam outweighed the novelty of peak Viden. And I do not regret it for a second!!!

We had never visited the place that late in the year and it certainly looked more yellow and burnt compared to the lusciousness it exudes in May. Still, it was so peaceful, so quiet and calming, that I felt I could have stayed there for hours, watching the birds and the waters of the lake.

Hike info:

Mountain region: Kraishte
Total length: 8 km
Elevation gain: 160 m
Total duration (plus rests): about 3 hours
Average difficulty:  2 / 10 

Me-made items, worn on this hike:
I: lingerie, Raglan Burda blouse
Husband: men's boxers, Orange Burda blouse

We had our lunch at the end of the cliffs, watching the herons and the ducks and admiring the calm waters of the lake, turned into a mirror. Such an unbelievably warm and sunny autumn we are  having this year, I'm sucking up with delight every minute of it.

We're definitely coming back here next year, preferably on a work day, I just can't get enough of it :)

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