Sunday, May 8, 2022

Rhapsody für Mich

Yep, I made another Rhapsody, my tenth. For myself, finally :)

This time I chose polyester georgette, mostly because I loved the print and I hoped for easier care as far as washing and ironing went. To some disappointment, this fabric, though artificial, still wrinkles, so here go my no ironing hopes :)

Pattern: Rhapsody by Love Notions 
Size: XS, modified
Fabric: Polyester Georgette, 1 m
Time to make: 2 days

My modifications - I used my true and tried shortened pattern - 2 cm above the waist and 2 cm below the waist. I also introduced two more shortenings, which proved unnecessary, when using woven fabric - I shortened the yoke by 2 cm and respectively I narrowed the sleeve by 2 cm. As the blouse is designed to be wide and with quite a lot of positive ease, it is still well fitting, but I found I actually preferred it with the original ease, so next time I'm using woven fabrics, I'll stick to the original lengths and widths.

I made the sleeves 3/4 bishop length, with added 5+2 cm length for a ruffle after the inserted elastic. Next time I think I could make the ruffle 7 cm and add length below the elbow, so some 12 cm additional length would be recommendable for this style of sleeve I have in mind.

As always when I sew these blouses from woven fabrics, all of my seams are narrow french seams and my yoke is double, using the burrito method.

I debated with myself whether to add the ties or not, but in the end I decided ties give this style of blouse a more delicate and feminine look, which I like, so the neck is finished with self-made bias tape ties.

Will there be other Rhapsodies - yes! I'm still finding this pattern my most favourite of all woven fabric spring/summer blouses and I have quite a lot of ideas for other modifications to explore :)

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