Friday, May 6, 2022

Denim Pinafore

And here are the last two items I made for Gaby this spring - a denim jacket and a denim pinafore I managed to cut from the remnants of the jacket.


The pinafore is based heavily on a RTW pinafore in Gaby's wardrobe. The upper part of the pinafore and the pockets I copied directly from the RTW item and for the skirt I used a Burda pattern I have already made once - Burda skirt 6252.

I had a small piece of fabric left after I made the jacket. I could place the main pieces of the pinafore, but  I couldn't cut the pockets in one piece. Still I thought the pinafore would be unthinkable without big pockets, so I made a compromise and cut them out of two pieces and made the connecting lines a feature.

Pattern: Burda 6252, modified based on RTW pinafore
Size: 34
Fabric: denim with elastane 
Time to make: 4 days

I was so short of fabric, that I had to make the inside of the belt out of an old pair of jeans - I really like to use up fabric to the very last piece :)

The pinafore came out looking almost exactly as the original, but if I were to make it again, I would choose a different pattern for the skirt, as this one is rather trapezoid, narrow at the hips and too wide at the hem. I do hope it will fit Gaby, as this blind sewing is a bit of a gamble, especially with close fitting items.

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