Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vrana Palace 2019

Yesterday was our third visit to park Vrana and we are thinking of making this annual, as the park is so lovely and charming. However, having been here in the end of March, mid April and May, April is the time to visit - while the tulips, the sacuras and the magnolias are in bloom, as well as most of the other decorative species.

On the upside, the rhododendrons were in bloom

As the weather recently has been rather cold and wet, I decided to put on Gaby's knitted tweed dress. This is definitely one of the most comfortable clothing pieces I've ever worn - very light yet quite warm. I need to knit one for myself next winter.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit. What's inside the building? And thank you for that mitten pattern recommendation.

    1. Thank you! The building is not open to the public, there are some controversies regarding its ownership. It was the residency of the former Bulgarian king at the outskirts of Sofia.