Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Rudina Mountain and Lake Pchelina 2019

Photos of our double hike on Saturday - we were out all day, first climbing Rudina mountain and then we drove to the village of Potzurnentzi and hiked to lake Pchelina. The sky in the afternoon was grey and cloudy and there was clearly rain over the nearby villages, but the wind blew the rainy clouds away and we were spared a shower this time.

On Rudina mountain we followed a very well marked trail to the top and back. The climb was fairly steep but quite enjoyable and the views were glorious.

On top of the mountain - views to the numerous other low and high mountains in the region. Rudina is considered one of the most scenic mountains to the west, with a clear view to dozens of other mountain peaks.

The village of Sirishnik, where the trail starts

Lake Pchelina - I truly love this place!

The old chapel on the top. It was built in XIV century

A couple of common kestrels were living on the rocks

Hoopoes, definitely the most exotic birds I've seen in the wild

The village of Potzurnentzi


  1. I really enjoyed reading about this hike as I liked seeing what you saw on this trail.