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Striped Shirt Burda 6/2012 #103

I had 2 m of the striped drapy cotton I used for the pants, so I had enough fabric left to squeeze out a sleeveless shirt. As the fabric is so fluid and draping, I wanted the shirt to be loose and long. I had bought two patterns for this type of shirt - an old Burda issue from 2012 with a simple straight cut sleeveless shirt with a pleat on the back and a bit more sophisticated pattern - Burda #6840 from their autumn/winter 2018  catalogue. I didn't have enough fabric for the latter pattern, so I opted for the shirt from the old magazine.
I narrowed it a bit to make it size 34, shortened the arm openings by 1 cm, as I could see from the magazine shot that they were rather roomy and added a rounded hem, as I wanted the shirt to have a tunic like length. I had to make a lot of compromises on the cutting of the pattern, as my piece of fabric was really limited.

First - I cut the stand and the collar lengthwise and not across, as I would have preferred. Nevertheless, as far from perfection as it is, this is the best collar with a stand I've managed so far - mainly due to this video tutorial by Diane Deziel.

I also made the pockets as close matching and invisible as was possible, given the pieces of fabric scraps I had after the cutting of the main parts. However, I rather think the little discrepancy between the fronts and the pockets makes them even more interesting and just a little bit noticeable, but not in an obtrusive way, as they would have looked if I haddn't matched the stripes.

The fit is very loose and despite the downsizing I did on the pattern, I could have narrowed it further and I could have made the arm openings smaller - they are still gaping a bit. I didn't have any fabric left to make the bias straps for the arm openings, so I made a bias strap from the fabric remnants of another shirt I made for Gaby recently. As it is on the inside and not noticeable, I'm not bothered by the discrepancy.

The yoke is single layered, as in the pattern. Wear will show if this is a good idea for thin drapy fabrics, I don't know the canon on this topic :)
All in all, it's not a hit, but it's light and comfy, so I believe the shirt will be quite wearable this summer.

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  1. I love how your daughter wants you to make items for her and how she makes great use of them.

    1. Thank you! She enjoys having a variety of clothes to choose from, so anything I add to her wardrobe is welcome :)