неделя, 22 юли 2018 г.

Peak Konyarnika, 2018

Having traversed Vitosha high and low, I can declare Konyarnika as my most favorite place in the mountain. I really don't know why this exact place, as it is not very high (1850 m), but the broad open flat ground, surrounded by peaks and with Cherni vruh above all in the distance always takes my breath away. I love hiking there winter and summer and it manages to present itself glorious and beautiful in all seasons. Pictures from our hike yesterday from Zlatnite mostove to Kumata hut, peak Konyarnika and back along a circular trail on Vitosha.

:: Zlatnite mostove moraine early in the morning

: Vladayska river, which runs under the moraine

: The meadows of Konyarnika

; Cherni vruh in the distance

: The view to the north from peak Konyarnika (1850 m)

: Hidden treasure - I was surprised to find this bas-relief of one of our most prominent poets - Yavorov, somewhat hidden in the forest

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