Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tulle Petticoat

Ta-da, I finally finished the tulle petticoat I started to sеw three months ago (I can be that kind of a procrastinator :( ) Gaby's got an event coming next week and though I ordered the dress in January and started the petticoat in February, I had to feel the pressure of the date to finally shorten the dress to the proper length and to add the second layer of tulle to the second tier of the petticoat to declare it ready. Still, a week ahead of the due date, not that bad after all :)

This is my first petticoat and I think it turned out pretty decent. I did some research on google and youtube for tutorials, found plenty and quite varying and ended improvising with the materials I had.
The upper part of the petticoat is made of two rectangles of stretchy polyester knit and some elastic.

The tulle part is one 3 m long tier of gathered tulle and a second tier of 6 m gather tulle, each tier 14 cm wide. The second tier is double layered and for additional volume I've attached 20 m of ruffles to each layer of tulle, approx. 5 cm wide.

If I make another tulle petticoat, I'll probable try to add the ruffles evenly gathered and not folded as I did this time - it'll be more time consuming but will add even more volume to the skirt.

I'm so glad I decided to sew this petticoat - the dress is of vintage design and the petticoat does add a 50s flavour to the overall image.


  1. The petticoat looks terrific. What a pretty dress and how fun it'll be to swish around in that skirt.

    1. Thank you! It's such a great mother's joy to see one's girl in a pretty dress :)