сряда, 3 май 2017 г.

Pchelina Dam

After Rudina mountain we drove to the nearby village of Potzurnentzi and hiked the path to St. John Letni Chapel and Pchelina Dam. I had read that the place is spectacular, but no pictures or words could prepare me for the awe and amazement I felt seeing this panoramic beauty. We plan to return here soon for a special photo session, and though I believe the place is gorgeous all year round, it's probably at its best in early May green:

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  1. Отговори
    1. How long does it usually take for a hike? All day? And thank you for sharing that you knit in the Portuguese knitting style! I learned it at STITCHES West and the timing was perfect since I had fatigue earlier that February. I was a bit intimidated to jump in on my own, especially with a lace pattern, but I'm really glad I did. I plan to buy a magnetic pin or two from Andrea this month. Sometimes I forget to take off my knitting pin. One survived the wash, LOL. If I do forget it, I just use my neck.

    2. The double hike lasted about 9-10 hours, including driving, it really depends on the trail and the distance from home. Usually we try to have at least 4 hours of actual hiking.

  2. Wow! That really is spectacularly beautiful!