вторник, 9 май 2017 г.

Rainbow Haruni

This is probably the most power-knitting I've ever done - a lace shawl in less than four days. I cast it on Friday evening, finished it on Monday afternoon, washed it, blocked it and it's now ready to be gifted. I'm so in love with its vibrant colors, I do hope the recipient will like it as much as I do.

Pattern: Haruni
Yarn: Kauni Artistic 8/2, 140 g
Needle: 3.5 mm
Time to knit: 4 days

Haruni is probably the most popular and the most beautiful free pattern of a triangular shawl - the chart is logical and easy to memorize and at the same time the lace it produces is so spectacular. I've browsed through heaps of photos of finished Haruni shawls and I've never seen a failure, regardless of the colors and yarn - they are all gorgeous.

Kauni is Latvian wool, known for its long section color transitions and Harunis, made from Kauni are bound to be striking - and they are. Making this shawl felt to a little extent like cheating - it's easy to get a great result when knitting a gorgeous pattern with a popular gorgeous yarn :)))

This is my third lace shawl and they've all been for gifts, may be it's time for some selfish shawl-knitting :)

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