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Strazha, Trun - a Mass Hike

Today husband, Gaby and I took part in the mass hike for the protection of the environment of the Tran region - a very poor part of Northwest Bulgaria, some 65 km from Sofia, with beautiful scenery and scarce population. The mountain of Strazha is rich in gold and uranium, but the prospector, trying to obtain the mining concession, has already brought ruin - poisoned waters and soils and extremely high percentage of cancer in the regions it operates. The hike was a demonstration against the mining concession and a awakening call to the people of Tran, who will have the right to vote on March 26 pro or against the mining of the mountain.

Part of the hikers, we are to the far right on the picture
(picture source: Facebook page of the organizers)

The turn out for the hike was very high, especially given the bad weather during the past week. But though it was cloudy, we were lucky - there was no rain or cold wind and the conditions were very good for hiking.

Withe the elevation the environment changed from early spring to snowy icy winter:

Spring flowers

Scarce patches of snow midway to the top

True snowy cover on one-third of the path

In and above the clouds - beautiful and a bit surreal

On the top - our Gaby was immediately part of the folk dance there

Photos with the peak insignia

And downwards again:

Quiet, spooky and very beautiful

Due to the recent snow the trees looked like in blossom, only with snow instead of petals

The nearby mountain - Lubash

The village of Lyalintzi, where the hike started

The church of Lyalintzi, built not later than XVI century

Last glance at Strazha, most of the hikers are still descending from the peak

On our  hiking goal lists - the mountain of Lubash

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