неделя, 26 февруари 2017 г.

In the Fog - Manastirishte 2017

Our hike today was to a place we love to visit - mt. Manastirishte on Plana. It is usually an easy and relaxing hike, but today it was mud, snow and fog. The paths were untrodden and we met not one person on our way to and from the peak (who else is as crazy as us to hike on a foggy day :)

Peak Marchin Kamak

The fields of Plana

The fog and the clouds cleared for a while and we had half an hour of sunshine

Manastirishte in the distance

Vitosha, covered by clouds

Winter is still reigning on top of the mountain

The chapel at the top

Marsh Tit (Parus Palustris)

Soon the clouds and the fog covered the mountain again

The village of Plana in the distance

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