Saturday, May 7, 2016

Vitosha, Above Koniarnika

Photos from our hike on Vitosha today, from Zlatnite mostove to a no-name peak (1996.5 m, according to the map) above Koniarnika. The weather this year is quite unusual, winter was mild, spring came a month earlier - we saw the first plums in bloom before the end of February!, and May is C-O-L-D! Rain and freezing temperatures, pretty unpleasant for a warmth loving creature like me. Still, we were so bored with the rain and cold that decided to go for a short hike on Vitosha despite the rainy forecasts.

We started from one of the most popular hiking points - the big moraine Zlatnite mostove  (Golden bridges). It was cold, cloudy and misty in the morning, but in a springy manner - the mountain looked very fresh and beautiful.

Near the Kumata Hut - there were patches of snow and lots of purple crocuses:

Around Koniarnika place

Koniarnika - one of Vitosha plateaus with bogs and marshes. We climbed the farthest peak in the center of the photo:

There were lots of birds, flying and chirping around all the way. Ring Ouzel:

We followed the path to Cherni vruh, but decided to cut out hike to this no-name peak half-way to the summit:

The above 2000 m line of the mountain, still covered with snow

A close up of Cherni vruh (2290 m)

The weather was very dynamic. We were very lucky to have some sun just when we reached the peak and had our rest, but soon the clouds moved towards us, there were thunders down the mountain and we decided quickly to head down.

A deer passed only 50 m from us.

On our way down the promised rain came, first in the form of sleet, which gradually turned into rain as we climbed down to Zlatnite mostove. A four hours very refreshing hike!


  1. *smiles* Very cool.

  2. The photo of the water running through the stones is breathtaking! I always open your photos in the new tab and stare at them wishing to visit these amazing places someday!