Monday, May 16, 2016

WIP - Freya Cardigan

My current work - a short cotton/linen cardigan. I'm not using a written pattern but rather designing it as I go. The yarn is Italian bobbin yarn, 70% cotton, 30% linen in natural color. It is in the form of a fairly broad band and is a bit coarse and thick. This short cardigan will weigh at least 420 g, I had to order an additional 100g bobbin, as my initial 400 g decreased rather quickly as I knit the rib band.
The name Freya - the Norse goddess of love, beauty and spring came to me as I was listening to a series of lectures on the Vikings and I thought it matched well my perception of this cardigan.

The lace is a combination of 4-stitch cables and a classic 5-stitch YO and k2tog lace in a rib-like structure.

The body is knit back and fronts  together up to the armholes, with a broad rib band at the waist.

The button bands are knit together with the fronts and the buttonholes are three clusters of three close placed holes for small buttons.

I've knit the two sleeves, the back and one front, so I have to finish the second front, do the neckband and Gaby will have a new cardigan.