Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Boot Cuffs

Gaby wanted a pair of boot cuffs and I planned to make one from the yarn I recently dyed in burnt orange colors. Then I finished the poncho and was left with some 70 g of yarn, so I decided to knit the boot cuffs from that yarn. But the process of planning and designing had already started and it took me a couple of days to see the obvious - no new pattern was required, I had to make the cuffs using the cables from the poncho and make them a set, duh!

Pattern: Boot Cuffs
Yarn: Macas Baby Alpaca, 70 g
Needle: 4 mm rib, 4.5 mm body
Time to knit: 5 days

And a couple of photos of the Valentine cake Gaby made for us, just because I love this pomegranate heart on top - it's like made of jewels :)


  1. That's such a great outfit! Gaby always looks fantastic - I'm very envious of her wardrobe.

  2. Your daughter is so lucky to have her very own knitter by her side :) Love the cozy look! And this pomegranate is so lovely, what a great idea!