Saturday, February 20, 2016

Very Lemony Lemon Layer Cake

Gaby's got the flu :(, and I've been cooking chicken soup and brewing herb tea with lemon all day and to cheer her up I also made a lemon layer cake (though she's still not feeling well enough to eat it).
I followed chiefly this recipe with a few modifications - I replaced the canola oil with sunflower oil, which we prefer, and I made the lemon curd with milk instead of water - so much richer and finer taste. Instead of fresh blueberries I put in blackberry jam. I meant to buy blueberry jam, but when I got home I found out that I had bought the blackberries instead. Never mind, not that much difference there :)))

My "lemon grove", grown from seeds

I prepared the cake, following the recipe, and I baked it in my 24 cm cake form. The cake is delicious but very dry. I soaked it with sugar syrup, and it is still a bit dry, so have that in mind, if you want to follow this recipe.

The lemon curd, prepared with milk, is divine - very smooth and lemony, the best part of this cake.

In the end, I like the recipe, but next time I would prepare at least half a cup of lemon sugar syrup and soak the layers with it before laying the curd.


  1. Красиво получилось!!!И очень аппетитно)))

  2. I hope Gaby is better now! The cake looks so delicious!