петък, 13 март 2015 г.

Kirigami Greeting Card

Another kirigami handmade greeting card, which Gaby made for her father's birthday. I love the simple but elegant choice of colors. I should probably try to locate a shop in Sofia selling instruments suitable for kirigami and similar arts, as the cutter from the local stationary shop is of rather low quality and it shows.

And my latest project - a cabled tunic for Gaby. My inspiration for the cable - this knitted dress, but I intend to have only two columns of  the cable on the front and the back on stockinette stitch background. This is yet another weather inappropriate project I start just at the end of a season, so I suspect it will share the fate of other projects cast on late in the season and finished a year later. But we'll see ... :)

3 коментара:

  1. Wow, what a neat card! And the dress is going to be wonderful!

  2. That is some card; wow. The cable looks great so far. I like this blue add it's like a transition of winter into spring.

  3. I love this cable! Striking, but not too "busy"