Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bankya in the Fog

Despite the forecasts for sunny and pleasant winter weekend, these last two days Sofia was in the grip of a thick fog. But we had an escape plan - a short trip to Bankya, a nearby small town at the foot of Lulin mountain. To our disappointment when we approached Bankya the fog grew even thicker. Nevertheless we made the 6 km walk along the newly renovated Path of Health. It was gloomy, spooky and even a little scary, as we, walking alone along the zero visibility tracks, heard dog barks in the fog. A pack of malicious stray dogs can be a tourists' nightmare. Luckily we met with no dogs along the lonely tracks and the barks came only from the nearby village, of which we knew but couldn't see.

The sun through the fog

And back to civilization - one of the landmarks of the town - the church St. Kirik and Yulita. I'm sure the track would look quite different on a sunny spring or autumn day, but today we had a very memorable thrilling experience - a hike through thick fog.

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  1. This hike is straight out of Red Riding Hood. Glad you were safe.