Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cherni Vruh - September 2014

It was a very nice warm Saturday today after a cold and rainy week and quite spontaneously husband and I decided to go on Cherni Vruh - the highest peak of Vitosha. Although it is a decently high peak (2291 м), I've climbed it so many times during all seasons that it feels like a backyard mountain climbing.

Because there were only the two of us, we switched to higher gear and speed climbing - only an hour and 15 min from Goli Vruh to Cherni Vruh.

There were quite a few people on the way to the peak, lots of children too. This year the weather is so cold and rainy, that one has to take advantage of every rare sunny day, especially when it is a holiday. A curious coincidence - right on top of the mountain we met a friends' family, who live in the neighborhood, but who we hadn't seen for months. What are the chances!

The landscape on top of the mountain is quite different from the forest covered paths we usually walk - rocks, grass and small flowers.

The plateau and a view to Sofia in the distance.

Because of the altitude, the wild raspberries were still ripe. We stopped for half an hour and gathered a few handfuls. Now I have two more jars of homemade wild raspberry jam - the aroma is really unique.


  1. Wow, those rocks! Those fields! Beautiful!

  2. Какая красота!!!Я бы тоже с удовольствием провела там время!!!