Monday, September 8, 2014

Windsor Cardi. Thinking ...

I didn't want to frog an entire knitted cardigan without taking a picture of it first. So, this is what became of Windsor. As I said, I don't think the different shades of color of the three skeins are that visible in daylight, actually if I didn't know I probably wouldn't notice it as a defect. I didn't cut the yarn, as I'm positive there will be ripping and I didn't want to increase the knots in the yarn, which is knotty enough as it is.

I don't like the fit of the cardigan in the raglan zone - the fronts get narrow too quickly and pull from the center, so if the cardigan is to continue to exist, that has to be remedied.

The question is do I unravel only the  raglan part and knit some ten or so rows, alternating from the darkest and lightest skein, before I continue with the dark skein, meanwhile correcting the raglan decreases, or do I frog it entirely and reknit the yarn, using the same pattern or a different one? I'm so lousy in making decisions :(
Meanwhile I'm knitting a new cardigan in black, improvising a personal design ...


  1. Кармела,кардиган очень красивый.Хороший узор,посадка отличная и цвет приятный!!!

  2. Totally up to you. I can't tell from these pictures. I'm usually lazy and don't alternate.