Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seasonal Stashing

Let me share with you my latest stash enhancements. There must be an inner need for knitting in me, crying out loud, because the less I knit - and I haven't knit much this last month, the more yarn I buy.
First - the greens, though the camera makes them look more like dark blues:

1) 300 g of Cashmira, color 598, 100% fine merino. This should become a cabled sweater, still haven't picked the pattern, but the color - deep pine green - was very tempting.

2) 300 g of Alize Lanagold, color 586, wool-acrylic mix. I bought it for a man's vest - I've had my eye on Debardeur for some time and always imagined it in petrol melange.

3) 100 g of Alize Cashmira Batik, color 3130. A spontaneous buy, I had even forgotten I had bought it too :)) Last year I had an idea to knit Lanesplitter in this yarn, but something else got in the way. Maybe I'll test the yarn in a hat or a cowl first.

4) 50g Alize Superwash, color 433. I haven't knit with this yarn, so I bought this small ball to test it. I'll sample it together with a viscose yarn I bought some time ago (in a momentary lapse of reason) for this shawl - Glitz at the Ritz. I actually meant to buy a proper glitzy yarn, like Angora Gold Simli, but when I saw it in the yarn store it was too glitzy for my taste.

And two yarns bought with a dye job in mind:

5) Alize Ecolana white 55, 100% wool. I'm planning Aidez with Ecolana, but first I'll test it on a scarf or a hat, hand dyed in advance. Or maybe I'll drop everything and just buy a pack of Ecolana and start Aidez first :)))

6) YarnArt Pure Merino, color 2557, 100% merino. This I want to dye in yellow-brown and to knit into Wildflower cardigan.


  1. Кармела,красивую ты пряжу прикупила на интересные проекты.Удачи и побольше свободного времени на вязание)))

  2. I like the looks of that vest pattern. It has simple texture that's still manly for a fellow. I really like that glittery shawl pattern. Can't wait to see you start that.

  3. Stash enhancement; I like that :) You've got some lovely colours there!

  4. You're making me want to load up on Alize yarns next time I go to Turkey!!