Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Phone Case Part 1

I made a phone case :) A fairly complicated one, with a zipper and an internal pocket for money, with a second pocket for the metro card, fusible, lining, string holder, inserted bottom piece. I took a few pictures in the course of work, but not enough for a photo tutorial. But just in case and for my own reference, because I have a double order :))), I'm posting them here:

1) These two parts, strengthened with fusible and with the relevant velcro piece attached, make the flap.

 All materials are recycled from old Gaby's jeans (butterfly included) and Gaby's blouse (lining).

The internal pocket for the money, with a zipper. I couldn't find a reverse zipper in any store, so I used a regular zipper.

And the string holder. Gaby insisted on a metal ring, I would have preferred two buttonholes. But the customer's always right :)))

The two front parts of the outer fabric and the back are sewn together. Actually before this one has to add the bottom to the front pieces. I found this out the hard way.

 The lining and the flap are sewn to the front parts:

And then I got carried away and didn't take any more process pictures :))) But What you do is sew the back to the bottom, sew the sides, turn the lining and sew it from the outside and voila - the case is ready:


  1. What a great way to upcycle :O). This is so handy when one doesn't want to carry much.

  2. This looks absolutely great. Little purses and bags are really difficult to put together perfectly with all the fiddly zips and pockets and yours is perfect! beautifully made :)